phone_baby.jpgblanket_baby.jpgHey there all you wikispacers! This is my homepage for an american literature project I'm doing. Here you will find the incredibly deep thoughts from my mind about my personal philosophy statement, and how it connects to various literary works we have read in class. My philosophy statement? Well, you will just have to explore and find out!

The possibilities are endless for these children. How will you shape their lives?

"Children are not things to be molded, but are people to be unfolded." Jess Lair

Have you ever wondered about the societal quirks we all accept? the fact that boys always have blue at their baby showers and girls get pink. The fact that girls can jump and hug each other while if boys do it, they are labeled 'gay'. These are just the basic ones, there are even deeper ones, quirks that go down to the beginnings of our life. These things define us unavoidably from the very beginning of our lives. The things that offend us, the things that annoy us, everything.
If you observe babies and small children, you can see how they are already being shaped by society. All babies drool, correct? but eventually we stop that as we grow older. Why? a large part of it is our parents, siblings, and aquaintances defining it as gross. Suppose we took a baby and somehow raised it outside the influence of society. What would happen to him? Would he continue to live as a drooling, crawling, eating-with-it's-hands and throwing food type of human? Or as he grew older would he begin to become 'socially acceptable' and learn-on its own that drooling is gross, and walking is much better than crawling? Thinking about this has caused me to create my personal philosophy statement:

We are shaped by the society in which we live.laptop_baby.jpg


This generation is known as the technological generation. We have a knack for technology and knowing how to work it. We are busy synchronizing our e-mail to our cell phone while our parents and grandparents are still trying to double-click. This is unavoidable, a sign of the times. But it is so because we grew up in this type of society. That is why previous generations are left reeling by simple technological advancements, they did not grow up in a society based on technology.

All of this boils down to a few simple questions.

What extent of control does society have over us?
How does society shape our morals, and what portion, if any, of those are completely outside of society's influence?